Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All knitting under cover, in the meantime, "Look! A cat!"

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I can't post knitting photos just yet, the items have yet to be gifted and I won't ruin the surprise. Plus, we've had such grey days lately that I can't seem to catch any good light for photos. I did finish the advent/Christmas calendar, my son is thrilled with finding a new item each morning. Next year, Anne will be old enough to want to help.

I did not make this cat and kittens doll, but I was thrilled to see a similar one here. Mine has its kittens stuffed into apron pockets with scraps of vintage quilts cut from otherwise tattered and worn out old quilts. While this cat is mine personally, I may be inspired to make Anne her own, with a Katy No-Pocket type apron.