Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dishcloth Submission


This is my submission for Larissa's call for volunteers, it will be sent out as soon as I get an envelope for it. Yarn is Sugar N Cream 04 Ecru, needles US 3, pattern #73 from Knitting Handbook.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pieced Pillowcase

Just for kicks and to keep cabin fever at bay, I whipped up this pillowcase on the machine yesterday. It covers a foam sponge pillow for Anne's changing table. Inspired by some of the great quilts on the Flickr Modern Quilt-Along group.


One side in blues.


The flip side in pinks.

A quick update on life, I'm over a kidney infection and a chiropractor is doing wonders for my back and sciatic nerve pain with this pregnancy. I'm 23 weeks along, the time flies so fast the more kids you have. Winter is still here in the Mid-Atlantic, we still have bitter winds and occasional ice - along with a few 60 and 70 degree days to confuse the geese and humans alike. The days have been ordinary, mostly spent indoors while we wait out the last of the cold weather. Dinners have reflected this; clam chowder, grilled cheese, pancakes and sausage.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

In fear of becoming an out of date and stale blog


This is a cross stitch piece Martin's mother made, she had several state patterns in her collection, this one might go back to Martin's sisters who lived in Washington for a time - I'm sure she made it for them. Eventually (ha!) I'd like to find the patterns for all the states Martin and I lived in growing up and together and have a collection to hang in the kitchen. So far, we'd need Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Washington, and Virginia.

Progress is coming slowly on the baby quilt, I haven't touched yarn or knitting needles in over a month. Everything is behind and I'm even getting laid up a bit with some strange symptoms, but tests and ultrasounds say that the baby is fine. Maybe I'll take some time to update my side bar while I'm on the mend, and not stay too far behind with this little blog.