Friday, November 30, 2007

Surrendering to the Tupperware War

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I have come to the realization that as long as I have small children, my tupperware cupboard will never be organized. There will always be lids missing, and rims will look slightly gnawed on. I have locks on other cupboards, but I leave the tupperware cupboard accessible as it's one of the only ways to keep the baby entertained while I am working in the kitchen. I figure that's more endearing than a tidy storage area.

Here's the Christmas/Advent calendar I started in 2005. The background is finished and I have a row or two of the pockets sewn down. If I go dig it out and finish it today, we can fill the pockets and start it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Tricks

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Over the holiday, Anne learned how to master stairs in one day. She learned how to climb into things, last night it was the suitcases we were unpacking and this morning I found her in her book basket. Next up, getting out of the crib and over the gate.

I didn't take a single photo over the holiday, Anne was so clingy that I never had a hand free. We did see some snow flakes, but nothing stuck. I didn't gain any holiday weight, my secret is nursing one baby and feeding a work-in-progress baby at the same time. I'm nearly 12 weeks along and I've shown a bit earlier with #2 and #3 than I did with the first baby (I was pregnant with Jonah 9 years ago!), so it's time to find some more accommodating pants. I have an OB appointment and ultrasound this week, this pregnancy is flying by.

As for the post-Thanksgiving let down, it's hardly that. I'll be busy unpacking, putting away, cleaning up and getting ready to drag out the Christmas stuff this weekend. We don't do a lot for the holiday season or busy ourselves until we go nuts, but we have a few family rituals that make this time special.

Monday, November 19, 2007


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Finished just in time, and good thing, it's cold here. Now to get the cat supplies ready and clear the bed of piles of stuff and get them into suitcases. We'll be in Michigan in less than 24 hours from now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday things

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Very quiet, very simple around here. Few plans, few commitments, and simple meals while we plan and ready ourselves for the trip, which will be packed with plenty to do, even more to eat, and a whole lot of noise. I am slowly plowing through the second slipper, I want to take them (finished) on the trip. The pumpkins look like they are screaming as they wither away. The orange cat is sleeping after a strenuous morning of being my shadow. He knows I'm leaving soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going home for Thanksgiving

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These are old photos, but this is where we're going in less than a week. It's the house I grew up in, and one of the cats still living with my parents. Morgan only has three legs, but does quite nicely. In this photo, she has climbed the 4 foot tall wood pile to peer into the breakfast room. We have many family members over for the holiday, a very busy and noisy weekend. It's always a lot of fun and good to see everyone again. The kids and I fly in Tuesday, Martin follows on Wednesday. We get in ahead of the extended family and have some time to be back home like we used to be, though now we have a spouse, children and a fiancé to add to the numbers.

Besides growing older and the addition of new family members, not much changes with this holiday get together my parents have held nearly each year for close to 30 years. My dad could tell you exactly how many years and how many deviations from the tradition there have been, but I think it has been only around three times we've had other plans for this holiday in 30 some years.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tea and Toast

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Toast Song, transcribed to the best of my ability

A cold Midwestern morning, gold and pink and orange dawn
Down to get the paper and put the coffee on.
The news is grey and dismal one could sit and weep almost
Except for pumpernickel transcending into toast.
Two thin slices turning golden, bread smell rising like a prayer
And then that lovely music of your feet upon the stair
In an old blue bathrobe, love is standing there.

The (?) man stands silent, love is more than he can say(?)
The sweet familiar pleasure to be alive today
And though the news is dismal, God has given us our bread
With butter and raspberries generously spread.
When I get old and nights are longer, long dark thoughts the whole night through
I’ll be glad for morning, calm and bright and new.
And toast a couple slices and sit and wait for you.

The song, to the tune of Schubert's Die Forelle, aired on A Prairie Home Companion on February 5, 2005. To listen, go here and click on the second segment.

The past while has been a bit rough, I'm rather worn down but hanging in there. It's bleak outside, dense fog this morning and no light whatsoever. Even auto-correct in photoshop can't hide the yellowness of poor florescent indoor lighting. So starts the season of finding creative ways to light our photos.

I've finished one slipper and started it's mate, though nothing to show, really. I'll be sneaking in a few rows in a moment now that the baby has finally gone for a nap. After a crummy start to the week, it was my aim to do better today. Blueberry tea, toast with jam, a piece of chocolate, and a cracked nut (the walnut, not me) helped get me on my way. An episode of House of Eliott while nursing the baby to sleep was also a nice escape into the 1920's British fashion world. I do like Beatrice's bobbed curls, and am tempted to cut my own hair. I won't be too hasty on that decision.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Cold feet

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I bought Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool 8087 (Brown, or Chocolate depending on the site) this summer while in Michigan. For the past 3 years I've been pretty good about buying yarn with a project in mind - even if it's a vague project - but I bought this hank with no idea what I'd do with it. There are 478 yards to one hank, so I figured it'd be good for a small felting project or who knows what else.

The yarn is a little on the bulky side of worsted, but doubled and on smaller-than-US-10 needles and I should be able to get 4 sts/inch and make a nice thick pair of these slippers. If I'm being unreasonable in my math estimations, I'll go for something felted. Always have a Plan B. I usually have Plan C and D not too far from hand as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Changing with the season

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The paper and clothespin bats have come down, but my son liked the hanging decorations so much he wanted to put up something else in their place. We spent the last few days gathering leaves and stringing them up.

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I've started Anne's stocking for St. Nicholas day. My husband's family would do stockings and presents on that day and reserve Christmas for time with other family. The yarn is Mission Falls 1824 wool, in poppy. It might be discontinued, or maybe it was the dark olive that the other stockings are made with, but either way, eBay is wonderful for finding extra yarn for stockings for the new family members. I'll wait until next year to make baby #3's stocking. Though, I could make it now and wait to put on a name with duplicate stitching. The first 4 stockings (the older cat has a stocking, too) have the names knit into them, but it puckers slightly even with blocking so the newer stockings will have duplicate stitching. There's what's left of the leaves we scavenged for, and henny pincushion ready for the pins holding the mending pile.

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It's surprising that things are still fairly green around here, but the chill and the wind are confirming it's finally autumn. In two weeks, we'll be landing in Michigan for a week's visit over the holiday. Jonah's hoping for snow.