Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have not been around here much lately, mostly I have been plowing away at the baby's quilt in every brief spare minute and the rest of the time kept very busy with an energetic little girl. I am fortunate that the pregnancy has been relatively uneventful, I have been feeling well enough and even have had little back and sciatic pain thanks to my chiropractor. In the afternoon and evening I am tired, even dragging, but I'm not kidding anyone that caring for a little one and being pregnant at the same time can't be hard. The time is flying by, the weeks go by more like days and I only have a handful of weeks left. This little one will be showing up the first week of June, I will have labor induced a week before my due date (Flag Day) on account of my diabetes. Only a few small things left to get ready, and after having a baby just last year we have essentially been ready for this one from the start.