Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little by little


The yarn is Opal Hundertwasser "Positive Soul Trees, Negative Human Houses in the cotton variety, bought two years ago so I'm not sure how widely available it is any longer. This sock. Has been. The bane of my knitting existence this summer. I overestimated its yardage capacity over and over and over again. Top down, I was aiming for a mid to high calf length pair of socks on only one ball. Ha! I split the yarn evenly by weight, and knit, ripped, knit, ripped and knit again (maybe even one more rip in there, but I lost count). I resolved the problem by getting down to the toe with precious few yards left over and changing to a contrasting color to finish it off. I have one sock done. The other has been started but I need a break. I'm still mad at it. Or myself. Whatever. That sock is the metaphor for life right now. Progress, backward steps, frustration and exhaustion. Over and over again. Ready for a "progress" stretch any time now!

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