Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Dish Cloths

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I'm churning out a few more dish cloths, they've been easy and quick to complete. I hope to have more time to sit and concentrate on the cabled raglan cardigan, but I'm just not up for it now and not up for ripping back any mistakes I'd make due to not being up for it.

So dish cloths it is! One is for my secret swap pal, I'll reveal her name after she's received her package. The pattern is Little Tent Dish Cloth, which I thought was appropriate for summer. Can you see the little tents in the upside-down V's? This is such an easy and fun pattern, I think I'm going to make one more before I get into my sock yarn (yeah, yeah...and finish the other few WIP's I have left over). Medical things are settling down a bit, we only have 3 appointments this week and none are in DC so I won't be driving farther than Fairfax.

I've been testing various short row techniques for sock toes and heels, and I'll share more on that later. No use doing any tutorials, there are so many good ones out there and I'll link to the ones I found most helpful when I get my stuff together on short rows.

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